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April 2011

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Can you Suggest a Good Blues Harp Book Based on the Sonny Terry Style?

The Sourcebook of Sonny Terry Licks for Harmonica Hootin’ the Blues. ——- Look up “Kudzurunner Sonny Terry” in YouTube. Adam has some great lessons about Sonny Terry. He also has 100+ more free lessons on YouTube. ——- Then check out his website “Modern Blues Harmonica” @ www.modernbluesharmonica.com Or ask any question you want and get […]

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Sonny Terry

  Born into a musical family, the blind Sonny Terry learned how to play harmonica to earn his keep, and ended up creating a signature sound widely admired and perhaps even more widely imitated. Terry toured for years with Brownie McGhee, riding a wave of renewed interest in folk music that began in the late […]

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