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January 2010

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Why does my 4 hole draw on my harp/harmonica keep going out of tune?

It took months for it to go out the first time around. I just got a new reed for the harmonica because I screwed up trying to tune it and now a week later the 4 hole draw on the new reed is off again. What’s going on? Playing too hard on the 4 or […]

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Can you replace the reeds on this harmonica and if so, how do you do it?

Hohner-1896-20-Marine-Band-Harmonica-100320479-i1133674.gc I got it for my birthday, and I’ve always wanted one but I don’t really know anything about this instrument. Any advice or tips will be useful. Thanks! I doubt it but you could contact Hohner. If the Harmonica is beyond use. I am pretty sure you can pry off the covers and look […]

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I think I need a new harmonica reed?

I have a Hohner Blues Harp (and it says MS on the box so??) and my third hole sounds not right whatsoever. I believe I need a new reed (the instructions show how to replace the reed so I am assuming it is replaceable). It’s a diatonic harp. I looked on the Hohner website, but […]

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