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January 2010

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Why does my 4 hole draw on my harp/harmonica keep going out of tune?

It took months for it to go out the first time around. I just got a new reed for the harmonica because I screwed up trying to tune it and now a week later the 4 hole draw on the new reed is off again. What’s going on? Playing too hard on the 4 or […]

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William Clarke

  Clarke was a master of the blues harmonica, particularly the chromatic harp, a type of harmonica with a much wider tonal range than a regular one. He was a protégé of the great Los Angeles blues artist and chromatic harp specialist George “Harmonica” Smith. Clarke thoroughly absorbed the Chicago Blues harmonica styles of folks […]

Little Walter

  Before Little Walter, the harmonica was just an instrument for accompaniment on the back porch. Little Walter changed the instrument’s role by hooking it up to a microphone and plugging into an amplifier. His tone was thick and fierce, covered in rich distortion and with enough balls to send guitarists and sax players scurrying […]

Big Walter

  Along with Walter Jacobs (Little Walter), Walter “Shakey” Horton was one of the most innovative and important harmonica players to emerge from Chicago’s Southside blues scene of the 1950s. Playing his instrument through a tube amplifier and using reverb and distortion, Horton could make his harmonica sound almost like a tenor saxophone. He played […]

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