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October 2010

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Aerosmith – Pink

The first 30 seconds – Hohner! (The rest – pure entertainment!)   Technorati Tags: Aerosmith, harmonica, Harping the Blues, Hohner, Pink, Steven Tyler, youtube

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History of the Hohner Blues Harp

As I learn more and more about the blues harp harmonica and blues music and some of the biggest and best players, the name Hohner, keeps popping up in ads and around the web. So, I thought I’d do a little research and learn some more about this company and its history and its mark […]

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Which Hohner Harmonica should I buy?

Q: A Marine Band,Marine Band Special 20 or the Hohner Blues Harp harmonica? A: All the Hohner hand mades sound somewhat alike. The reeds are the same on the Marine Band, the Special 20, and the Golden Melody. If you are slick and can tune and repair a blues harp harmonica without problems then the […]

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Harping The Blues!

“Harping the Blues” …. you may have  never associated that term with a harmonica. But a harmonica can be referred to as a blues harp.  Folks who can play blues music on a harmonica are a fascinating bunch.  The aim of this blog-site is to go on a little musical journey of discovery and see […]

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