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Which Harmonica is Better for Blues, a Hohner Special 20 or a Hohner Blues Harp?

Hey, I am about to buy a harmonica to mostly play blues stuff. After a few hours of research, it seems the best two harmonicas would be a Hohner Special 20 or a Hohner Blues Harp. Unfortunately, Lee Oskars are not available at my local store, and I don’t want to buy over the internet. […]

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What is a good quality beginner harmonica?

My 9 yr old son and I are going to take up the harmonica and I need to know what is a good quality and not too expensive harmonica. Also, I seen several pretty good (I guess) websites to teach, but if you have any specific suggestions I’d take them too. Thx The vast majority […]

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Which Hohner Harmonica should I buy?

Q: A Marine Band,Marine Band Special 20 or the Hohner Blues Harp harmonica? A: All the Hohner hand mades sound somewhat alike. The reeds are the same on the Marine Band, the Special 20, and the Golden Melody. If you are slick and can tune and repair a blues harp harmonica without problems then the […]

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