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Hohner John Lennon Signature Series Harmonica

Hohner has created a special harmonica tribute to the infamous John Lennon. It is the beautiful ‘John Lennon’ Signature Series Harmonica and is hand-made in Germany. As a child John Lennon played the harmonica in liverpool and was inspired by by the blues music he heard from America in the 60’s. As a result of […]

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What type of harmonica is ideal for playing with a guitar (acoustic)?

I’m looking to purchase a harmonica as a gift, but I don’t know the first thing about them, other than that they rely of pre-tuned reeds. That said, what type of harmonica is ideal for playing with a guitar (presumably acoustic)? Amazon.com Widgets Technorati Tags: harmonica, Hohner harmonica

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What Is the Best Blues Harp?

I am a beginner at the harp and I would like to know what is the best choice in harmonicas for blues?  Even though I’m a beginner I would still like a high quality harp. Maybe something in the $30 to $50 dollar range. Thanks in advance. MARINE BAND HARMONICA The old reliable Blues Harp […]

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Hohner Marine Band VS Hohner Blues Harp?

  I play a Hohner blues harp MS, in the key of c, everybody else I kinow plays Hohner Marine Band and every harmonica book I have recommends the Marine Band and Special 20 key of C, is it better than the blues harp?? Thanks 🙂 The Marine Band is what a lot of the […]

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History of the Hohner Blues Harp

As I learn more and more about the blues harp harmonica and blues music and some of the biggest and best players, the name Hohner, keeps popping up in ads and around the web. So, I thought I’d do a little research and learn some more about this company and its history and its mark […]

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