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February 2010

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How do you read harmonica sheet music?

Harmonica:Introduction to the Basic Need help lol The same way you read any other music notation: http://numbera.com/musictheory/theory/notation.aspx Reading the music is only half the story. You need to know what key the tune is in so that you can use the right harmonica, and then you need to know where those specific notes are on […]

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Harmonica Sheet Music Online ?

Anyone know where i can find harmonica sheet music online? I’m teaching myself to play the harmonica and I’m wondering if there is any place I can find sheet music online ..no charge? I’m, looking for any type of music..blues, R&B, Soul, anything? Thanks!   encoremusic.com/harmonica musicroom.com www.musicaviva.com/harmonica/index.tpl www.earfloss.com/harmonica/music-written.html harmonicasheetmusic.co.uk harpexpress.com Technorati Tags: Harmonica Sheet […]

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I’m looking for FREE sheet music for the harmonica? Thanks!

Amazing Grace/Silent Night specifically, and old country & gospel Try these links below: http://nephele.kulichki.net/eng/index.php?ind=downloads http://www.qualitysheetmusic.com http://mrpiano.bestmusicpages.com http://www.musicnotes.com http://www.sheetmusicfox.com http://www.music-scores.com/piano/composer.php http://www.freshsheetmusic.net http://www.8notes.com http://www.sheetmusic.com http://www.sheetmusicplus.com Technorati Tags: amazing grace, blues harp music, gospel, harmonica music, Harmonica Sheet Music, sheet music, silent night

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