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January 2010

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Why does my 4 hole draw on my harp/harmonica keep going out of tune?

It took months for it to go out the first time around. I just got a new reed for the harmonica because I screwed up trying to tune it and now a week later the 4 hole draw on the new reed is off again. What’s going on? Playing too hard on the 4 or […]

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Can you replace the reeds on this harmonica and if so, how do you do it?

Hohner-1896-20-Marine-Band-Harmonica-100320479-i1133674.gc I got it for my birthday, and I’ve always wanted one but I don’t really know anything about this instrument. Any advice or tips will be useful. Thanks! I doubt it but you could contact Hohner. If the Harmonica is beyond use. I am pretty sure you can pry off the covers and look […]

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I think I need a new harmonica reed?

I have a Hohner Blues Harp (and it says MS on the box so??) and my third hole sounds not right whatsoever. I believe I need a new reed (the instructions show how to replace the reed so I am assuming it is replaceable). It’s a diatonic harp. I looked on the Hohner website, but […]

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How to Adjust Your Harmonica Reeds

Blues Harmonica Secrets Revealed (Gussow.016) After a little “free blowing” warm-up, Gussow (of Satan and Adam) puts his harmonica under the spotlights and explains how to adjust and tune reeds for better playing. For blues harmonica instructional materials focusing on classic repertoire, check out Modern Blues Harmonica: http://www.modernbluesharmonica.com Duration : 0:9:52 Technorati Tags: blues, harmonica, […]

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