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June 2010

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Suzuki Fire Breath and Pure Harp Harmonica

    Brendan Power demos two Wood Comb harps from Suzuki: the overblow-friendly Fire Breath MR-500, and the soft toned, breathy all-wood Pure Harp MR-550 Duration : 0:3:57 Technorati Tags: Fire Breath, harmonica blues, Harping the Blues, MR-500. MR-550, Pure Harp

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Mark Hummel

Known as one of the hardest working artists on the current blues circuit, this veteran Bay Area singer/harmonica player is out most nights with his road-hardened band making new converts. His records showcase an artist who is very comfortable with all sorts of blues, from Jump Blues to Chicago, Texas and the Gulf Coast. Mark […]

Snooky Pryor

  Without selling many records, Snooky Pryor’s honky-tonkin’ Harmonica Blues Harp helped put the Chicago sound on the map during the late ’40s and ’50s. Still going strong, he’s finally received the recognition he’s always deserved. His sound is a solid example of how Country Blues were urbanized. – Nick Dedina Harping the Blues!   […]

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