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April 2011

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Can you Suggest a Good Blues Harp Book Based on the Sonny Terry Style?

The Sourcebook of Sonny Terry Licks for Harmonica Hootin’ the Blues. ——- Look up “Kudzurunner Sonny Terry” in YouTube. Adam has some great lessons about Sonny Terry. He also has 100+ more free lessons on YouTube. ——- Then check out his website “Modern Blues Harmonica” @ www.modernbluesharmonica.com Or ask any question you want and get […]

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Blues Harmonica

Just a quick little jam. I’m seeing how fast I can get something live on youtube. This one took about 4 minutes…. Duration : 0:0:48 Technorati Tags: blues, blues harmonica, harmonica, harp, Harping the Blues, music

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Progressing/learning blues harmonica?

Okay, I’ve started playing blues harmonica for about 2 months now. I’m good at getting single notes and bending on a draw. What should I do next? How do I get from the really beginner level to something a little bit higher? I don’t know what to look for or what to work on to […]

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What Is the Best Blues Harp?

I am a beginner at the harp and I would like to know what is the best choice in harmonicas for blues?  Even though I’m a beginner I would still like a high quality harp. Maybe something in the $30 to $50 dollar range. Thanks in advance. MARINE BAND HARMONICA The old reliable Blues Harp […]

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Thomas Walker- Johnny Sansone

Thomas Walker Guitar/Vocals BluesCats Backing Him Featuring Johnny Sansone on Harp Duration : 0:10:1 Technorati Tags: blues, blues harmonica, harmonica, Harping the Blues, Thomas Walker Johnny Sansone

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William Clarke

  Clarke was a master of the blues harmonica, particularly the chromatic harp, a type of harmonica with a much wider tonal range than a regular one. He was a protégé of the great Los Angeles blues artist and chromatic harp specialist George “Harmonica” Smith. Clarke thoroughly absorbed the Chicago Blues harmonica styles of folks […]

Sonny Terry

  Born into a musical family, the blind Sonny Terry learned how to play harmonica to earn his keep, and ended up creating a signature sound widely admired and perhaps even more widely imitated. Terry toured for years with Brownie McGhee, riding a wave of renewed interest in folk music that began in the late […]

Billy Boy Arnold

  After a short tutoring period from Sonny Boy Williamson, Billy Boy Arnold rose to prominence for his meaty and jagged blues harmonica work. Through a convincing mix of rural Mississippi blues and more modern Chicago electric style blues, Arnold produced solid pop-oriented blues records in the late ‘50s. He also performed on Bo Diddley’s […]

Charlie Musselwhite

  Along with Paul Butterfield, Charlie Musselwhite was one of the first white bluesmen to make a name for himself, earning praise from heavyweights such as Big Joe Turner. His blues harmonica playing has always been simple and direct — he certainly has the skills to play whatever he wants, but Musselwhite chooses not to […]

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