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Charlie Musselwhite


Along with Paul Butterfield, Charlie Musselwhite was one of the first white bluesmen to make a name for himself, earning praise from heavyweights such as Big Joe Turner. His blues harmonica playing has always been simple and direct — he certainly has the skills to play whatever he wants, but Musselwhite chooses not to overplay, electing to emote instead. The same goes for his warm and almost casual vocal style. Though a player of hard driving electric Chicago Blues for most of his life, you can almost hear a gritty country influence in his harp style. This is further reflected when he picks up a guitar as he’s occasionaly known to do — his playing has a raw Delta feel to it, sounding especially sweet when he overdubs harmonica. – Jessy Terry


Harping the Blues !

Little Walter

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7 Comments for 'Charlie Musselwhite'

    Law Man
    September 13, 2009 | 8:32 pm

    What are your favorite CHARLIE MUSSELWHITE albums?
    I have "Ace Of Harps (1990)" and "Signature (1991)."

    Hound Dog Taylor Fan
    September 14, 2009 | 1:34 am

    Stand Back! Here Comes Charley Musselwhite’s Southside Band
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    glen G MoreThanThat
    September 14, 2009 | 1:36 am

    I have Stone Blues. from the blissful 60’s. Picked for songs I recognized. I think it is produced excellently. Rolling Stones does too, but thinks the vocals and screechy harmonica put it below a Paul Butterfield. I think the sounds were deliberate and think the RS writer misinterpreted because he couldn’t get Butterfield out of his head.
    Foolishly young in the 60’s to explore out of the box. I only found this guy out, about 16 years ago. No full album knowledge other than this one. But I started listening to Delta Hardware and so far so good. I have been real thirsty for songs that sound like "church is out".
    I’ll bet all his albums are all fantastic.
    A friend in a blues band told me about him.
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    martin couch
    September 14, 2009 | 1:38 am

    I’ve never been a big fan of Charlie’s (although he’s a hell of a nice guy).

    I do like his first album- Stand Back-and Ace Of Harps. There was another I really enjoyed that I used to have, but I can’t remember the name. No luck on Wikipedia. The discography there is inaccurate, doesn’t even list Louisiana Fog, which is a terrible record.
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    M Talent
    September 14, 2009 | 1:40 am

    I agree with HDTF above. "Stand Back" had an allstar lineup including Harvey Mandel on guitar and Barry Goldberg on organ and vocals. I’m not aware of anything else comparable by CM.
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    I’ve always had a copy of this album. You should too!

    September 14, 2009 | 1:42 am

    "Stand Back!" I like his version of "(You Gotta) Help Me" better than anyone’s. And then of course there’s "Christo Redentor"…
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    Robert M
    September 14, 2009 | 1:44 am

    "Stand Back" is my favourite ,it took me nearly a month to procure it but well worth the wait..(favourite track is Christor Redemptor)
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