Learn to Play Blues Harp Harmonica
Harping The Blues!

Harping the Blues” …. you may have  never associated that term with a harmonica. But a harmonica can be referred to as a blues harp.  Folks who can play blues music on a harmonica are a fascinating bunch.  The aim of this blog-site is to go on a little musical journey of discovery and see what can be learned about the blues harp harmonica genre.  It will seek out the great players in history and the modern masters as well.  Maybe we can  find some free harmonica lessons for beginners as well as advanced players and where to buy a decent harmonica !  

There’s much more to playing than just simply putting the harmonica up to your mouth and move it about as you blow.  It is a serious musical piece.   It is a real instrument – which you have to learn to play with lots of practice and even some lessons. 

There are some great teachers on the web and tons of tutorial videos on YouTube. You can find videos and websites featuring these amazing artists who stop concert-goers dead in their tracks when they play a screaming blues harp solo.

Let’s search the web for some really cool blues harp stuff – videos, blogs, harmonica lessons and the lot.  So, if you want to learn more too – come on the journey.  If nothing else you will surely find some great blues harp music for your iPod.  Nothing ventured – nothing gained!


Hohner Special 20 Harmonica, Key of C



American Folk Blues Festival 1982 - Billy Branch on Blues Harp

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