Learn to Play Blues Harp Harmonica
Learn to Play Blues Harp Harmonica

Ok, let’s see what I have learned.  Well, in the past few days I’ve learned that I don’t know much about harping the blues!   There are many wonderful talented artists to learn about and listen to.   The blues harp harmonica has it’s own lingo associated with it.  Terms such as tremolo, chromatic, embouchure, cross-harp, tongue-blocking, diatonic, zombie-lip and such, are terms we will definitely have to learn about as we take this musical journey.

The best way to learn is to practice while listening to a play-along DVD or CD created just for that purpose.  After you get accustomed to the sounds and feel of the harp you should progress to playing with other musicians.  If you have a guitar-playing friend or a band  you could play along with them as you learn and improve you technique.   The key (no pun intended) is that hearing other music while you play or practice helps you learn about melody and aids you in developing and training  your ear.  As you practice you will also be breaking in the reeds inside the harp by training and tempering them. 

A harmonica becomes a blues harp harmonica by the way you play it  not by how it is made or manufactured.  Blues is a specific style of music with a certain sound and to achieve that bluesy sound the player has to do something called bending the notes.  It is a certain technique of combining notes and bending the reeds that produces new notes that makes the (wah-wah) blues sound  so unique.

Harmonicas also come in many different keys:  the shorter the reed, the higher the pitch of the harmonica will be.    As a beginner it is important to know that it is harder to bend a note with a shorter reed.  So, perhaps starting out  with at least a mid-range harmonica such as the key of C, or a lower pitch harmonica in key of A (or an even lower one in the key of  G) is better for practicing how to bend those blues notes. Lee Oskar Major Diatonic Harmonica – Key of G One suggestion I’ve read is that you should not try to learn bending with a brand new harp but rather a used one that has been broken in – it will be much easier for beginners.

I’ve seen many, many videos on the internet that were created by harmonica players who want to teach us beginners how to play the harmonica. Watching some of these tutorial videos is another great way to practice.  My next blog-post will have information about FREE online harmonica lessons  and which blues harp harmonica is best suited for beginners.  Stay tuned ! Lee Oskar Major Diatonic Harmonica, Key of G, with Bonus Book & CD


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