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Announcement: Harping The Blues!

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Harping the Blues” …. you may have  never associated that term with a harmonica. But a harmonica can be referred to as a blues harp.  Folks who can play blues music on a harmonica are a fascinating bunch.  The aim of this blog-site is to go on a little musical journey of discovery and see what can be learned about the blues harp harmonica genre.  It will seek out the great players in history and the modern masters as well.  Maybe we can  find some free harmonica lessons for beginners as well as advanced players and where to buy a decent harmonica !  

There’s much more to playing than just simply putting the harmonica up to your mouth and move it about as you blow.  It is a serious musical piece.   It is a real instrument – which you have to learn to play with lots of practice and even some lessons. 

There are some great teachers on the web and tons of tutorial videos on YouTube. You can find videos and websites featuring these amazing artists who stop concert-goers dead in their tracks when they play a screaming blues harp solo. 

Let’s search the web for some really cool blues harp stuff – videos, blogs, harmonica lessons and the lot.  So, if you want to learn more too – come on the journey.  If nothing else you will surely find some great blues harp music for your iPod.  Nothing ventured – nothing gained!

Hohner Special 20 Harmonica, Key of C Harping The Blues!

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Your First Harmonica Lesson Online

Become an instant Blues Harmonica player!   This guy – the amazing Adam Gussow –  has been playing the blues harp (harmonica) for 35 years!  Here is an awesome tutorial video on YouTube where he teaches you some basics and has you actually playing a tune by the end of the 9 minute video!  Give it a try!  He calls it quick and dirty harp.  You will need a Key of C Harmonica.

If you’re interested in learning how to play blues harmonica from the bottom up, please visit Adam’a site: Modern Blues Harmonica

 Harping the Blues ! 




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Blues Harmonica Lessons by Jerry Portnoy

Jerry Portney offers excellent FREE lessons on how to play the harmonica.  Follow him and subscribe to his YouTube channel to get these awesome and professional lessons!  You’ll be harping the blues in no time at all!



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Hohner John Lennon Signature Series Harmonica
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Hohner has created a special harmonica tribute to the infamous John Lennon. It is the beautiful ‘John Lennon’ Signature Series Harmonica and is hand-made in Germany. As a child John Lennon played the harmonica in liverpool and was inspired by by the blues music he heard from America in the 60’s. As a result of that influence he became one of the most beloved composers and musicians of our time.

This gorgeous blues harp is perfect for any serious harmonica player, collector or even brand new player. (Click Link Below!)




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Boom Boom – Out Go the Lights! Little Walter Jacobs
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Awesome music for all Blues Aficionados! Enjoy! (Turn it up!)


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Which Harmonica is Better for Blues, a Hohner Special 20 or a Hohner Blues Harp?
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Hey, I am about to buy a harmonica to mostly play blues stuff. After a few hours of research, it seems the best two harmonicas would be a Hohner Special 20 or a Hohner Blues Harp. Unfortunately, Lee Oskars are not available at my local store, and I don’t want to buy over the internet. Thanks

They are both good. I have both types as well as some Oskars. The only down side to the Blues Harp is the comb is wood which is susceptible to swelling although I believe the newer ones use a better wood in that regards. The only personal negative experience with wood comb harmonicas is last summer I played wood comb harps for several hours and I got a small cut on my lip. As far as buying harmonicas on line, I have had good luck with Musicians Friend, Music123 and Coast to Coast. All very good. I would stay from Harp Depot though. I and several others had bad experiences with them. As far as buying locally, I like Guitar Center Stores.

Harping The Blues!

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Where Can I Find a Beginners Music Book for Ten Hole Harmonica?

I want to find music by hole numbers for well known tunes.


You can get one at www.Coast2CoastMusic.com You can go to Amazon.com and get the Complete Idiot’s Guide or the “For Dummies” guide. 

Harmonica For Dummies Where Can I Find a Beginners Music Book for Ten Hole Harmonica?

Or you can do what I suggest and go to these two places for free! www.harptabs.com http://www.angelfire.com/tx/myquill/

Harping The Blues !

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Can you Suggest a Good Blues Harp Book Based on the Sonny Terry Style?
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The Sourcebook of Sonny Terry Licks for Harmonica Can you Suggest a Good Blues Harp Book Based on the Sonny Terry Style?

Hootin’ the Blues. ——- Look up “Kudzurunner Sonny Terry” in YouTube. Adam has some great lessons about Sonny Terry. He also has 100+ more free lessons on YouTube. ——- Then check out his website “Modern Blues Harmonica” @ www.modernbluesharmonica.com Or ask any question you want and get answers from tons of fellow harp players and even top pros! http://www.modernbluesharmonica.com/blues_harp_forum.html

The Harp Styles of Sonny Terry Can you Suggest a Good Blues Harp Book Based on the Sonny Terry Style?

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Free harmonica lessons online?
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Free harmonica lessons online?

www.harmonicalessons.com or

Jack’s Harmonica Heaven :www.volcano.net/~jackmearl

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